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Hi, I'm Nel! I'm a millennial artist and chef-in-training who dabbled with coding as a kid and always wanted to have my own website, so I decided to relearn how to code and build one. Website will be under construction for a while, but eventually there will be galleries for my art and crochet pieces, as well as pictures and recipes from my culinary journey. Thanks for stopping by!

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Update Log:


3/14/2024 - Updated the food section, added multiple pages and lots of pics!! still need to do a few minor tweaks to make navigation easier

12/1/2023 - Added music player to homepage!!! also put in a visitor tracker and a few other small changes

11/14/2023 - Attempting to make site more mobile friendly, put in crochet gallery!

11/8/2023 - Added buttons, more layout tweaks, time to start adding actual content :D appreciate all the love!

11/2/2023 - Changed header fonts and colors, made more layout changes

10/18/2023 - More layout tweaks, moved guestbook to homepage, set up placeholder pages for all nav links

10/15/2023 - Changed up the layout and added the about page and guestbook links

10/11/2023 - Website launched, whoo! Nav links coming soon :3

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